Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)

>>>Watch Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)>>>Watch Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)

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>>>Watch Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

SPOILER: Ariana and Alexus got cut.

>>>Watch Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

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>>>Watch Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

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>>>Watch Dance Moms – Abby cuts the Girls (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

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  • 3:13 Kira's glare though…

  • Where was Peyton??

  • uuuggghhh i HATE that ugly thoty whore of a women who was insulting jill I DONT CARE IF YOU HAVE A DISABLED SON BITCH

  • I hate you who ever posted this clip for the spoiler

  • So who got cut

  • Why are they crying they can still dance at the studio they just won't be with abby

  • Who acc went then in the end

  • Minnie moms don't know what their talking about

  • wtf why did ariana get cut she was the best out of the minnies

  • abby got out of jail already

  • why would she cut Ariana?? she's the best mini imo

  • Who was cut??? Why was everyone crying??? I'm so confused

  • abys a bitch

  • I hate the minis moms and the minis

  • I think it's sad how the producers forced her to cut the minis

  • The juniors are getting too old for it though! Abby produces stars. We need a new generation of stars.

  • Alexis was my favorite mini

  • lol i though cut mean like cut physically lol, not out of the tesm

  • Wtf so Lilliana and Elliana is the only minis left, I love them but poor Alexus and Ari and Peyton

  • can we keep the minis just not their moms!

  • Who gets cut???

  • shut the fuck up, toothgap

  • TBH I don't know why she cut Ariana I'm pretty sure she's the best on the mini team

  • This show is about kids. Mom are kids, Abby act like a kid, girls are kids in the middle of all this conflicts, and superficial things. Must be hard to grow in this.

  • Ashlee is bomb asf

  • Who else cried when Abby did? No, just me?

  • I just want all those mini moms GONE. So over them.

  • I love all of the teens and minis but I hate the minis mother

  • Guys read description to see who got cut…

  • I think that Ariana got cut because she is a lot older than all the other minis and alexus probably got cut because of her mother

  • Ashlee standing up for Jill?!?! Ever since Jess left I swear they've been nicer to each other

  • I hate the minis moms and I really hate areana cause her mom is so rude and selfish

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  • b

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  • This music just makes it more dramatized and I feel bad for Abby, but why tf are they crying like

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  • Omg im crying Areanna was my favorite

  • If any of the elites go the views will go down because that's the only reason people are still interested

  • The mini moms need some respect

  • If Abby is crying this much, sounds like production told her to cut


  • I do not understand!

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