Dance Moms – Cathy hates Abby (Season 7 Episode 2)

>>>Watch Dance Moms – Cathy hates Abby (Season 7 Episode 2)

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>>>Watch Dance Moms – Cathy hates Abby (Season 7 Episode 2)<<<

Cathy and her Candy Apples are back. Watch in this Exclusive First Preview of Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 2.


>>>Watch Dance Moms – Cathy hates Abby (Season 7 Episode 2)<<<

  • Oh great Cathy's back hate her so much

  • wheres vivi

  • NICAYA, AVA, & Haley is that her name? SUCH WANNABES AND REJECTS HAHA

  • When Cathy & all the apples came back to dance moms…that's when u know they have hit rock bottom

  • Lmao girl you already lost..byeee

  • Haley is way too good to be here and so is Ava !

  • black!!!! why does color mater cathy

  • Pls post more episode two stuff

  • Isnt ava supposed to be on so you think u can dance

  • Ewwww Rotten Apples

  • Everyone on her team seems like a reject who wants tv attention.

  • Nicaya looks like Keke Palmer!!

  • i love this man this is like classic dance moms all over again. these were my favorite times. I actually like cathy cause she is a witty old woman with a smart attitude.

  • I hat cathy I wish she wasn't on the show I thought she was gone for good


  • Everyone looks so much older and taller here! OMG I haven't seen Nicaya and Ava in forever! They're so pretty in this too

  • Cathy needs to quit being a 5 year old and grow up. Honestly Cathy could create such AMAZING numbers if she would just forget about what abbys doing

  • That one girl looks like a giant compared to the other girls

  • cathy hates abby…we all know that

  • oh wow thats nicaya ? she got so much older! but doesn't she join the aldc this season ?

  • in my opinion if they don't get eliminated for it. since this dance is about sum horror movie like jason and freddy why not have a jason mask or freddy mask instead of a regular black mask so the judges can understand the choreography along with the dance

  • cathy reminds of hillary clitin

  • EW the rotten apples are back. we need the og's back just for today. especially christi and kelli

  • nicayah got better yay!

  • I live in San diego

  • Oh my gosh! Hayley is on Cathy's Team!
    If you don't know Hayley is from AUDC!

  • Ugh, are any of these CADC dancers even relevant anymore?

  • i like that cathy's nice to the girls, but then again, you can never actually know because a lot of the show is just drama…

  • Ugh I thought we got rid of all of them

  • i actually really like this number

  • Cathy maybe "nice" to some of you guys but she also a stalker and she has done a lot of mean stuff toward the Abby Lee Dance Company in the past

  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!