Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)

>>>Watch Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)>>>Watch Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)

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>>>Watch Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

Kendall’s solo Cleopatra from Dance Moms Season 7 Episode 1

>>>Watch Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

4th in Pre-Teen Division

>>>Watch Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<



>>>Watch Dance Moms – Kendall’s Solo Cleopatra (Season 7 Episode 1)<<<

  • Poor choreography. Bad costuming. That's on Abby, not Kendall. Abby seems to not want Kendall to succeed. Sad. Group routine was sub-par as well.

  • You know, the dancing was sub par and we've seen kendall do better….but I'm impressed there was a couple glimpses of facial expression there.

  • Although Kendall was slaying those turns, I totally think Abby could have assigned her a better dance.

  • i actually enjoyed this dance it wasn't her best kendall needs to work on facial expressions and emotion but i enjoyed the dance but Brynn had the better solo

  • She's a lazy dancer, yes she can do the moves but she never follows through so you see the beauty in in.

  • I wonder how many people in the comments actually dance

  • did she win 1st place. can someone plz upload the full.

  • I hate how Abby has turned Kendall into a "gimmick" dancer. She doesn't need a gimmick to win, she needs better choreography.

  • Poor Kendall! I was hoping for 1st place!

  • Kendall really needs to start applying corrections. She is making many mistakes she made when she was little.

  • Nia should of done this solo she has more face experience

  • Hated the song, hated the coreo and I didn´t like the way she danced and she´s my favorite but sorry it was awful. However I don´t think Nia could have been better as many people say, I mean Kendall has beat her many times so…..

  • Kendall's technique is so sloppy

  • kendall is like a toddler to dance she should be in elite team

  • I got really excited for a second because I thought she would finally have some facial expressions throughout the whole dance but once again starts off with some then becomes very flat and boring. Kendall has been a boring dancer since she started the show sooooo is she ever going to improve. She is like paige just never seems to get better while everyone else is improving. I think kendall is definitely the weakest dancer of the group now

  • oh lord those feet my teacher would have whipped my ass

  • It seems like these girls technique is not improving.. except for Nia tho she is really shining

  • Kendall danced well, but I didn't like the way her face was hidden behind that headdress.

  • I love Kendall!!

  • I think she needs to dance a little more powerful…she lacks of emotion.

  • Its just me or Kendall look little fat ?