Dance Moms | Season 7 Episode 5 Awards

>>>Watch Dance Moms | Season 7 Episode 5 Awards>>>Watch Dance Moms | Season 7 Episode 5 Awards

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>>>Watch Dance Moms | Season 7 Episode 5 Awards<<<


>>>Watch Dance Moms | Season 7 Episode 5 Awards<<<



>>>Watch Dance Moms | Season 7 Episode 5 Awards<<<

  • Bryn will never be the lieder of the group

  • brynn should not be the leader of the team it should be kalani or kendall or nia cause they were part of aldc before brynn and kalani kendall and nia are great dancers.

  • I'm so happy for Brynn :3

  • Tbh I hate Maesi.

  • Yeah she wins but she is third not first

  • how old is maesi x

  • no no no Kendall is not better than maesi Abby just shut up it was your crap choreography that was disrespecting hip-hop that made the group lose. Im actually laughing what if that group dance competed at a real comp like jump ?

  • i am happy the trio won but i don't want brynn to be the leader i know kalani is better sorry brynn

  • Ugh Macy u ruined it! I wish u got replaced with Jojo and leave also, JUST IMAGINE JOJO IN THIS DANCE SHE WOULD BE SLAYIN IT

  • Abby said that if Brynns trio wins Brynn will be the new star/Favourite and it did win!

  • The negativity is so high in this comment section. Maesi had one little mess up. CUT HER SOME SLACK!

  • Group dance was terrible. It was as if it was making fun of hip-hop. Should have placed lower. A new choreographer or at least no more input from Abby. They've had much better hip-hop in the past.

  • Maesi is just not a good dancer she does not belong to ALDC

  • They didn't show the awards on tv tho right

  • this week's dance was so bad I mean even if maesi didn't mess up it still would've lost.

  • Can you post the ending? When Ellie was crying. I recorded it and ended early.

  • I live in Australia and at the competitions I go to I honestly don't think the girls would place.

  • It shows how fake the competition is when the teens and minis are in the same trio category

  • ALDC group performance was kinda crap to be honest. I love them to bits but I seriously thought that they could do better. I am surprised that they even placed.

  • I honestly don't really like Maesi

  • Where is jojo?


  • SHUT UP YOLANDA ur daughter ain't any freaking better

  • Maesi literally destroyed the group dance.