L A Hair Season 5 Episode 1 Roast & Review

>>>Watch L A Hair Season 5 Episode 1 Roast & Review

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>>>Watch L A Hair Season 5 Episode 1 Roast & Review<<<

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>>>Watch L A Hair Season 5 Episode 1 Roast & Review<<<

  • The old crew made the show moderately watchable, but this new crew… absolutely not. They're so boring and basic. And after that fake fight between Kim and Leah, I was done. Did she really act like she was going to do something and tousled her locks instead? Chile…She had to turn away from the camera to keep us from seeing her laugh. At least give me 10% reality!

  • I think that older dark guy is very handsome but he makes himself look old and cheap with all that dated attire on. If that chick think she's removing drama by adding these new group of stylist she's nuts they look more ratchet then the last group!!! I dont watch the show (cant you tell I dont know anyones names lol) but I watched the first look premier and love your reviews lol!!!

  • Not dumpster couture!!!!

  • im going to watch la hair i meant to catch up on it now im going to love this review

  • And Kim dresses in those dresses that are not meant for ANYBODY with ANY tummy

  • I want to know why did she fire all of her old stylist and then she hired starless who were carbon copies of the ones before the only difference is they are a little bit more extra and there is a blasian instead of a Hispanic boy. This shits fake

  • What is always burining in your Neighbour Hood?

  • The old LA Hair Crew was Lit!! Im not feeling this new Crew..

  • "La hair" lmao…. I thought it was L.A. Hair… I'm not here for this cast and crew… #dead

  • Love how Alex only saw the first episode of season 5 and is still able to tell that Naja ain't shit.

  • MR. Alex, U sir are Truly a mess

  • I said the same thing about her weave in the intro. Looks a little drag queenish

  • When I first saw LA Hair's MaCray I kept telling myself, I know him. Where do I know him? After googling smoogling I found out he was on the show Chicagolicious a few years back and was a stylist on that show too. I really liked that show, too bad it's not on any longer.

  • I bet you those homeless people in New York with Big Lot bags come from Connecticut. We got one in every other city! And probably took their asses out there to site see and got stranded.

  • I remember mcray from chicagolicious

  • Kim messed up by replacing EVERYONE from the previous seasons. Mcray came from CHICAGOLICIOUS that got cancelled. I don't think I'll be watching this season.

  • So I watched LA hair since season 1 and that cast really carried the show. Don't know if I like this new cast, probably gotta grow on me.. Why is Nija still there? She wanna get her ass beat Again or something, slick mouthed bitch and always starting bs.

  • I thought they cancelled this shit.

  • butter tease lmaooo no more internet for me for a day or so

  • dig that LA hair is back? i thought that show was cancelled but ok lol

  • BEEN DYING For this show to come back on!!!! you need to watch all the seasons from before +Alexander Rodgers