(REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)

>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)

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>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)<<<

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>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)<<<

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>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)<<<

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>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)<<<



>>>Watch (REVIEW) If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5: Ep. 3 | Boiling Point (RECAP)<<<

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  • Brad was drinking apple juice.

  • I just can't believe Brad will react like that on Marcy . I'm just waiting for the next episode. I'm so confuse at this point about the whole thing about Kelly with that out of the blue Justice father. About the whole mess with Randall missing baby and Louise.

  • Marcy can't be pregnant.Her and Brad had sex since last season . It's such a long time so we should have seen clues already

  • I hear u.but remember the scene from last nite.randell not bury they pouring water on him or something.he was in the casket

  • As of now my girl Marcie aint no snitch:)

  • I think Brad did something to Miss Louise, and I think he gonna become evil like Eddie and them, I hope he doesn't though, we have enough villains on the show, I we don't need Brad becoming one, seems like the only good men on there is Lucien, Pete and Andrew

  • LOl…..Rhonda!!!! I just discovered you all this week with the Power finale. Love you guys….gonna have to catch up on your other videos now…you watch all my shows!

  • preciate the shot out sis… I'm confused about Brad because we know Rusty with the babe so who could the ditch be for and I think Julius is messing with Ben mind to get back at Eddie though because he don't like Eddie from shooting him in season 1 though
    Kelly and Travisha aka Travis I can't I need her to put them laws or that baby daddy in his life because she's killing me
    love yall channel as always can't wait to see next week I hoping Tyler give me something else

  • Why yall got me watching this mess?!?! I got curious and decided to watch myself. I have so many questions. Don't Brad and Alex have kids? Where they at? He talking about leaving with ole girl….. is Kelly a basket case? Eddie is clearly a racist but fine so its upsetting me. Im just alright…How Alex's family heck racist and she like the chocostick but call them to go after him… Mama said bastard? LAWD, not the baby.

  • Great review y'all! I got my laugh on. Tyler Perry is on one.

  • episode 3? I missed 2. smdh.

  • Love the review guys, just watching you two makes my day so much better, love all the way from Europe!

  • It's crazy because I'm like they are starting to do that stupid pacing like HAHN soap opera mess. I'm getting annoyed

  • Yes! The sexual innuendoes between Julius and Ben had me questioning them! What was up with Julius rubbing his fingers between the bars? Can't wait to see where this goes….

  • Holla

  • Goodmorning y'all Happy Wednesday no Bullskit Now lol enjoyed the review love y'all

  • It's more interesting watching you too than to watch the show. It's getting boring, scenes too long, unrealistic! Poorly done. If watching you is wrong ☹️☹️☹️

  • I told yall that Virginia took that baby, lol

  • hey s your girl safira I am back great review

  • Don't forget that Julius is broke, his father left him nothing. Eddie and Co don't know it, they still think that he's the man so Julius is getting a free ride when Claudia is the head and he's the tail. I hope Eddie find out that Julius has no money before they kill Claudia.

  • No not Rhonda

  • it was liquor

  • Yes I was like this don't sound right

  • Dat ninja is past crazy

  • At least Natalie had a tear stained face

  • gud review!!! man Macie going feel bad when she found out Brad innocent.like I said last season she pregnant by Brad

  • Tyler got one more time to have another man to choke Marcie. Great review guys love ya'll!!


  • Hey fam, Randall gone file for FMLA, for Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel -he's been flicking that lighter for 3 episodes. That must be a BIC cigarette lighter , I bet he ain't gone flick his bick after those crazy folks pour gasoline in there.
    Thanks for the review.